Linear Residential Telephone Entry System (Stainless Steel) RE-1SS


Linear’s RE-1 Residential Telephone Entry System is an unparalleled marriage of style and technology – a product that makes a strong statement and performs an essential function. The RE-1 is unlike any other residential entry product on the market. Uniquely styled and available in a choice of brushed nickel, stainless steel, or gold electroplate – it has all the characteristics of a high-end, custom designed system. Simple, striking, and trend-setting, the RE-1 does more for home owners than provide a means for screening visitors and granting access to their residence. It conveys a subtle statement of affluence. It sends a message to guests arriving at the gate that they have come to a place of importance. Functionally, the RE-1 brings the cutting edge of access technology to residential entry applications. It is the epitome of security merged with convenience. From its full complement of voice response capabilities to its built-in radio, auxiliary control functions, and optional closed-circuit television monitoring feature, the RF-1 is as forward functioning as it is forward looking. An RE-1 at the gate says it all. And has it all.

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RE-1 Linear Residential Telephone Entry System Overview:

  • Two way speakerphone
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Distinctive rings for access calls
  • Seven access time zones
  • Timed “do not disturb” privacy feature
  • Digitally synthesized human voice prompts
  • Residence control of relays
  • Programmable relay control prefixes
  • 100 entry code length
  • Each entry code can be programmed to activate either or both relays
  • 100 transmitter capacity
  • Supports 4 blocks of transmitters with 4 facility codes
  • Up to four access groups for shared control of transmitter blocks
  • Supports MGT safety edge transmitter
  • Internal clock and calendar with battery backup
  • Event log memory retains the last 450 system events
  • Keypad programmable
  • Locally & remotely programmable with a telephone or computer
  • Programming software built-in, connect with any internet browser
  • Weather-proof, tamper-resistant housing
  • Superheterodyne radio receiver
  • Integral radio antenna
  • Remote keypad support
  • Bright white LED downlight
  • Piezo sounder
  • 2 heavy duty form “C” (N.O. & N.C.) relay outputs
  • Timed anti-passback
  • Keypad lockout
  • Tactile key feel
  • Two door sense/inhibit inputs
  • Access keyswitch provision
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Optional CCTV camera with infrared illuminators

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