Linear Multiple Door Access Controller AM-3 – Controls up to Four Doors/Gates


Linear Multiple Door Access Controller AM-3 – Controls up to Four Doors/Gates

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Linear’s Multi-Door controllers can be used in traditional stand alone modes supporting up to 4 doors or gates. In addition, the multi-door controllers can be used to expand installations containing Linear’s Telephone Entry systems. Up to 8 controllers, supporting up to 32 doors or gates, can be linked together via RS-485 to create a network. Linear’s AccessBase or AccessBase2000 software can then combine up to 8 networks to create a 64 controller network with up to 256 doors or gates.

The Multi-Door controllers are full featured access control panels. Security levels, time zones and event logs are all standard features. Users can be assigned cards, entry codes or transmitters; with all having the level of security that one comes to expect in an access control panel.


  • Full control of 4 doors; each supporting request to exit and door status monitoring.
  • 10,000 Cardholders.
  • 46,500 block enrolled cards; 20,000 individual cards.
  • 46,500 block enrolled transmitters; 20,000 individual transmitters.
  • 20,000 entry codes.
  • 20,000 event transaction log.
  • Direct input for 2 card readers; add AM-CRI’s for more.
  • Local programming using a PC and AccessBase2000 at 33.6 Kbps.
  • Remote programming using optional ACM-1 modem (ACP00905) and AccessBase2000 at 33.6 Kpbs.
  • 32 security levels, 32 time zones, 32 door schedules, and 24 holiday schedules.
  • Relay auto lock/unlock schedules.
  • Automatic door relock when door sense input is used.
  • Extensive ESD and lightning protection of all inputs and outputs.
  • Cabinet tamper switch included; tamper events are tracked in the event log.
  • All data memory is non-volatile FLASH with data retention in excess of 10 years.
  • Model compatible with the AM-3: Linear AE-1000 Telephone Entry System

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