RE-1 Black and White CCTV Camera model RE-BWC


RE-1 Black and White CCTV Camera model RE-BWC

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RE-1 Black and White Closer Circuit Television Camera model RE-BWC

The RE-1 black and white camera system will add video surveillance to the top quality RE-1 telephone entry system.

This camera is continuously powered by the RE-1. The camera’s infrared light emitters illuminate the area directly in front of the entry system for nighttime or low light operation.

Greatly enhances the capability of the RE-1 telephone entry system.

Package consists of a compact black/white camera that installs neatly behind the unit’s darkened lens for an unobtrusive, non-intimidating appearance.

Infrared illuminators are provided to ensure clear images in low light conditions.

Linear can furnish dealers/installers with a CATV multiplexer so they can offer a complete, integrated monitoring solution.