Sentex HL-410 Light Duty Hydraulic Linear Gate Actuator


Sentex HL-410 Light Duty Hydraulic Linear Gate Actuator

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For a convenient and dependable operator in a residential or light commercial application, the HL-410 will exceed your expectations. With its hydraulic design and fewer moving parts, the HL-410 requires less maintenance and increases its reliability for long life.

The HL-410 is compact enough to fit on most gates and can be used on those gates that lack the space to place a traditional gate operator. Its small size and sleek design allow it to blend into any landscape environment. If a longer stroke, allowing it to support up to two feet more in gate length.

HL-410 Hydraulic Arm Only, 900lb, 12 feet, 10 Cycles per hours.

Features: Adjustment run timer, Full systems, Master/Slave operation, Manual release bypass valve, Accessory connections, Manual release, Separate control box, Hydraulic motor.

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