Linear MegaCode Universal Receiver Model MDRU – Works on ANY Garage Door Opener


Linear MegaCode Universal Receiver model MDRU

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Makes any garage door operator compatible with MegaCode transmitters Makes any garage door operator compatible with MegaCode transmitters.
Simple Plug-in design Simple Plug-in design.
Easy to install - one connection using two-conductor wire Easy to install – one connection using two-conductor wire.
Learn more with 10-transmitter capacity Learn more with 10-transmitter capacity.
Normally open contact activates for 0.5 seconds Normally open contact activates for 0.5 seconds.

General Specifications


The MDRU is a versatile (universal) receiver that makes it very easy to equip nearly any garage door opener for use wit Linear’s popular MegaCode format transmitters. MegaCode uses a frequency of 318 MHz and features over one million radio codes to all but eliminate any possiblilty of code duplication. It offers simplified programming via the receiver’s learn mode.

Previously, when installers wanted to add MegaCode capability to a garage door opener that did not come already outfitted with a MegaCode receiver, they had to use Linear’s MDR receiver in combination with a power transformer. The MDRU replaces the MDR and plugs directly into any electrical outlet. All that is required is running a single two-conductor wire from the MDRU to the opener’s push button input.

The MDRU has one normally open contact output. It can be used to send a remote control signal from up to 10 MegaCode transmitters. A learn mode dramatically simplifies programming to just a button press.

General Specifications

Relay: one normally open relay rated at 1 amp @ 32 VAC or VDC
Radio LED: provides visual indication of RF activity and learn mode functions

RF: integral 318 MHz super regenerative receiver @ -95 dBm sensitivity (nominal); receives MegaCode transmitters
Learn Button: press for 1-2 seconds to initate learn mode; press for 2-5 seconds to show number of transmitters in memory; press and hold 5 seconds or longer to erase all transmitters from memory
Screw Terminals: 2 position screw terminals accept 20-24 AWG wire

110 V AC +/- 10%, 60 Hz

-4ºF to +140ºF (-20ºC to +60ºC)

2.52 in W x 2.50 in H x 1.61 in D (64 x 63.5 x 40.9 mm)
excluding mounting screw terminal and screw

MDRU; supports 10 MegaCode transmitters

FCC Part 15
UL 244A – Solid-State Controls for Appliances