Linear Multiple Door Access Controller Model AM/II



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The AM/II is a complete four door access control system that contains a built-in radio receiver. Add up to 6 remote devices, such as: keypads, remote receivers and Wiegand card/proximity readers. Standard programmable features include event log, time zones, security levels, holiday schedules and auto lock/unlock schedules. Up to 8 AM/II’s can be connected together using the RS-485 protocol to create a 32 door access control network.

  • Add a LinModem for remote access
  • Add an EXA-2000 for use with transmitters
  • Add an AM-CRI for use with Wiegand Readers

  • RS485 networking – up to 8 units, 32 doors.
  • Extremely flexible access controller with radio receiver for added convenience of keyless entry.
  • Allows option of remotely transmitted personal emergency (panic) signal.
  • Many inputs and accessories for creating stand-alone systems or expanding existing ones.
  • Ideal for full range of commercial installations and residential sites like gated communities.
  • Controls up to four portals (can be networked to 32).
  • Supports over 65,000 transmitters, entry codes, and card codes – modular memory can be upgraded in field.
  • MegaCode radio format supports over 1,000,000 unique identification codes.
  • Remote activation from up to 250 feet away.
  • Real time print log (RS232 output to printer).
  • Remote and local programming using a personal computer and programming software.
  • Block coding for transmitters and cards.
  • 15 security levels, 15 time zones, seven door schedules, and 24 holiday schedules.
  • Magic wand support for system maintenance.
  • Fully supervised obstacle sensing via gate edge transmitter.
  • Automatic door relock when door sense input is used.
  • Extensive ESD and lightning protection of all inputs and outputs.
  • Support for anti-tailgating, timed anti-passback operation.

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