Linear Wireless Security 5-Button, 16-Channel Handheld Transmitter TX-94


Linear Wireless Security 5-Button, 16-Channel Handheld Transmitter TX-94

The Model TX-94 Supervised 5-Button 15-Channel Handheld Transmitter is a supervised, digitally coded radio transmitter designed for use with Linear’s SX Format receivers. Pressing a button on the transmitter sends a digitally coded wireless signal to its companion receiver. To send a complete signal, press the transmitter button for a minimum of 2 seconds. The top button can be hidden with the top button cover supplied.

The TX-94 is a five-button, fifteen-code transmitter. Pressing one of the transmitter’s front buttons sends codes one through four. Pressing the small button on the transmitter’s top sends code five. Pressing the transmitter’s top button together with each front button sends codes six through nine. Pressing the two top front buttons together sends code ten. Pressing the two bottom front buttons together sends code eleven. Pressing the two left front buttons together sends code twelve. Pressing the two right front buttons together sends code thirteen. Pressing the top left and bottom right front buttons together sends code fourteen. Pressing the bottom left and top right front buttons together sends code fifteen.

Coding switches are not required or used in the TX-94 transmitter. Each transmitter is pre-coded at the factory to a unique code. With the SX format, there are more than sixteen million codes possible.

The TX-94 is supervised for low battery and sends hourly status reports. Some receivers are able to use these signals, others are not. Receivers must be programmed to the transmitter code before system testing and operation. Refer to the receiver’s instructions for details on operation and programming.

Each TX-94 is powered by two self-contained type 2032 3-volt lithium batteries (included). When the batteries voltage gets low, a low battery report is sent with any alarm or status report to notify the receiver. The red LED will blink when the transmitter is activated with low batteries.

A removable pocket clip and belt clip are provided for each transmitter. Either can be attached to the back of the transmitter allowing the unit to be clipped to shirt pocket or slid onto a belt.


  • Complete RF supervision
  • Alarm, supervisory, and low battery transmissions
  • Unique “Extra” top button
  • High visibility operate LED
  • Two type 2032 lithium batteries supplied
  • Pocket and belt clip supplied
  • SX format

General Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1.6 in W x 4.2 in H x 0.8 in D (41 x 107 x 20 mm)
  • Power: Two 3V DL-2032 lithium batteries (supplied)
  • Battery Life: Up to five years
  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 140° F (0° to 60° C)
  • Actuation Indication: LED indicator and tactile feedback
  • Frequency: 303.875 MHz (North American)
    433.92 MHz (International)
  • Measured Range: 3,500 feet with CP-90 control panel
  • Number of Codes: 16,777,216
  • Code Setting Method: Factory programmed