Linear Wireless Security 2-Channel Handheld Transmitter D-22B


Linear Wireless Security 2-Channel Handheld Transmitter D-22B

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The Model D-22B 2-Channel, 2-Button Handheld Transmitter is a two-channel transmitter that can initiate two separate functions. It is used in many remote switching applications where a portable two-channel transmitter is required. The first digit of the digital code sent will be off or on depending on which transmitter button is pressed. Each transmission causes the red LED indicator on the front of the transmitter to light, showing that the transmitter is sending a signal and that the battery is in good condition.

General Specifications

  • Encoding Techniques: 8-position DIP switch provided for code setting)
  • RF Carrier Frequency: 303.875 MHz
  • Current Consumption: 12 mA DC transmitting
  • Power: 9 VDC NEDA battery (supplied)
  • Operating Temperature Range: Battery limited
  • Dimensions: 2.16 in W x 3.75 in H x 0.88 in D (55 x 95 x 22 mm)

  • Two test/operate pushbuttons
  • Test/operate LED
  • Removable wall mounting clip
  • Optional visor clip available – order #210456-01
  • Standard digital format: 128 selectable codes
  • Powered by one 9-volt battery (included)