Linear MegaCode Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote MDT-1B (Block Coded)


Linear MegaCode Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote MDT-1AB (Block Coded)

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The single-channel MDT-1AB transmits the same code to the radio receiver when either front or top button is pressed. It is used where only remote control is needed, such as entrance to a gate when a free exit loop is used.

Block coding saves the time required for each transmitter to be individually learned. When used with a Linear access controller, all of these transmitters can be locally or remotely programmed into memory by entering the first and last codes of the block into the system. Facility codes can be selected to further customize the system. All transmitter code data is stored in no-volatile EEPROM. Data is retained in excess of 10 years, even if battery power runs out.

General Specifications

Linear MDT-1AB Literature


  • Compatible with all Linear access receivers and controllers.
  • Superior transmission range.
  • Factory programmed MegaCode format supports over 1,000,000 codes.
  • Block coding with provisions for facility codes.
  • Lithium battery powered.
  • Same as product number ACP00721.