Linear 1-Channel Latching Standard Digital Receiver D-67L


Linear 1-Channel Latching Standard Digital Receiver D-67L

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The Model D-67L 1-Channel Latching Receiver is designed for use in security systems and remote switching functions. Typical applications for the receiver include adding a wireless latching zone, a latching panic button for a hardwired alarm panel or creating a stand-alone annunication system. Each time a transmitter is triggered with a digital code matching the receiver’s digital code, the receiver’s relay will latch. Pressing the pushbutton on the side of the receiver will un-latch the relay.

The Model D-67L is compatible with standard digital transmitters only.

The output of the D-67L receiver is isolated dry relay contacts. Dry contacts indicate that the switching contacts are isolated from the receiver’s power supply. The receiver provides normally open and normally closed contacts. The current rating of the relay output is 1 amp at 32 volts maximum.

D-67L Manual


  • Operates on 11-24 VDC or 12-16 VAC power
  • One channel
  • Standard digital format: 256 discrete codes
  • One form “C” relay output
  • One Amp contact rating @ 32 Volts AC/DC
  • Relay latches when transmitter is triggered, pushbutton un-latches the relay.
  • Dimensions: 4.9 in W x 3.8 in H x 1.3 in D (125 x 97 x 33 mm)

  • Encoding Technique: Pulse width A-1 modulation at 250 bits/sec; four correct 8-bit words required to operate the output
  • RF Carrier Frequency: 303.875 MHz
  • Current Consumption: 1- mA standby
    40 mA operating
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32° to 140° F (0° to 60°)
  • Antenna: D-67 Wire lead (supplied)
    DUR, Wire lead (supplied)
    DX-12, 9-1/2 inch whip (order separately)