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Linear Operators
Professionally built for the professional installer

Linear operators

Linear®, the garage door industry’s premier source for radio controls, launched a new line of professionally installed, chain driven, garage door operators. This new line combine powerful performance (½ HP motor), right price, value package with important extras, easy installation, user friendly (with rapid access to all the controls you need for setting up and down limits) and built-in protection.

The head unit’s built in courtesy light goes on automatically when the operator is triggered. Then, it goes off automatically in 5 minutes.

Installing Linear® sensing system is a breeze. The weather resistant photocells are easy to wire, mount and align. The mounting brackets are universal and the photocells snap right into place. Gel caps are included to speed up the wiring portion of every job.

Well-done wall station with everything from clear symbols to identify controls (lights, vacation switch ON/OFF and UP/DOWN), to backlighting LEDs to find the station in the dark.

The handheld/visor clip transmitter has two channels to combine functions like garage door and gate access.

If you would like more information about these products please send us an e-mail to or call 800-349-8313 (818-222-7191) and we will send you information or, at your request, a sales representative will call you in English, Spanish or German.

All of our products are available for export, we specialize in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Home » Linear Garage Door Openers

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